Quality, Consistency, Integrity...

Quality, Consistency & Integrity – Our Ethos at CBD ECO

CBD ECO established following the realisation of the need for quality, consistency & integrity within the CBD industry.

Following the rapid growth of the CBD industry and our team’s passionate belief in the benefits of the life changing Cannabinoid, the founders emerged with a common goal.

The team have spent many months travelling Europe & South America to meet Farmers, Cultivators, Processors, Labs, sampling products and meeting end users. Since returning to the UK the team have been heavily researching CBD, minor cannabinoids and extracts. One thing is crystal clear - the industry is tarnished with poor standards, products and education.


Many Companies have falsely marketed their products as ‘Organic’, ‘99.9% pure’, ‘whole plant’ and ‘CO2 Extracted’ and have continued to use popular buzz words at any given time. Within an industry that is unregulated, these statements simply aren’t true, misleading the Consumer!

Our team was established with the simple ambition to source the highest quality products and make these products available to everybody!

CBD ECO was born with the core values of Quality, Consistency & Integrity at the forefront of the business.

We care about the industry and are passionate that the industry heads in the right direction.

We want our Customers to trust our brands and products and continue this fantastic journey of discovery with us.