Multivitamin CBD Tincture


Rejuvenate your body with our multivitamin drops. At CBD ECO we believe CBD should be just as important as taking your daily vitamins to promote natural wellness. We’ve created these multivitamin drops for a simpler way to incorporate both CBD and multivitamins into your daily routine.

Each drop contains your daily dosage of CBD, CBD-A, CBG, CBC Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega MCTs and turmeric.

Shake well before use. Put a few drops under the tongue and wait 1 minute before swallowing. Take 2-4 times per day. Do not exceed the recommended maximum dose.

What is CBD?

Completely non-psychoactive, CBD is one of the active substances found in the cannabis plant. CBD does not produce any ‘high’ or have a profound effect on your state of mind. This is because it does not directly interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Instead, CBD affects a number of other compounds associated with the ECS. Studies suggest CBD inhibits the production of anandamide, a compound associated with pain.

By regulating your endocannabinoid system, CBD helps maintain many of your body’s natural functions and support a healthy lifestyle.  


CBD ECO believes in quality of product above all else. Regularly lab tested to assure and maintain consistency of product, CBD ECO oils are made using the finest, and most responsibly sourced ingredients available to us. In a largely unregulated market, we guarantee to never compromise on the quality and safety of our products. No buzzwords, no misleading claims, just high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade CBD.

Eco Oil Advanced


Terpene infused CBD Oil with Organic Black SeedECO Oil Daily combines Blackseed Oil (Nigella Sativa) with pure premium grade CBD and naturally derived plant terpenes.ECO Oil Daily can help support the endocannabinoid system which helps to regulate many of the body’s daily needs to function effectively.The fusion of Cannabidiol Oil, Nigella Sativa and terpenes produces a truly amazing taste sensation which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle.

ECO Oil Daily Contains:

20% Cannabidiol by volume. (Active CBD 2000MG)
Certified Organic Nigella Sativa Oil
Hemp Extract (Organic Hemp Seed Oil)
Organic virgin Olive oils
Naturally Derived Plant Terpenes.


Shake well
Use half a pipette 1-2 times daily.
Place oil under tongue and hold for 2 minutes then swallow.
2000mg Serving size, 1/2 pipette (approx. 20 drops) = 0.5ML = 100MG CBD
Black Seed Oil (Sativa Nigella) has been used for centuries in remedies and tinctures.Studies have shown that black seed oil is an effective anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory remedy. As a result, it is often used to fight infections and strengthen the immune system which has a strong link to your own bodies endocannabinoid system.The Prophet Muhammad referred to black seed oil as a “prophetic medicine,” and claimed that black seed oil is a “cure for all diseases except death.”Black seed oil’s therapeutic properties are down to the presence of the powerful phytochemicals, Thymoquinone, Thymohydroquinone and the natural monoterpene Thymol.