Canavape® Complete SOUR DIESEL

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Canavape® Complete SOUR DIESEL containing CBD, CBG & Terpenes!

SOUR DIESEL is our perfection of the SOUR DIESEL strain. SOUR DIESEL has often been described in the past as an attack of skunky citrus funk giving way to a mentholated citrus kissed spice which lingers in the mouth after exhalation.

Canavape® Complete is available in two strength variants;

300:30 – A minimum of 300MG of pure CBD & 20MG pure CBG per bottle. 600:60 – A minimum of 600MG of pure CBD & 60MG pure CBG per bottle.

For use in all electronic cigarettes/vaporisers, Canavape® products are nicotine free and contain 0% THC.

All flavours are made with real cannabis derived terpenes from specific strains. Shake well before use. Store at room temperature. 

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Terpenes are to put it simply: essential oils derived from Cannabis strains and natural plants which have shown to be hugely therapeutic. Terpenes are common constituents of flavourings and fragrances. Unlike cannabinoids, natural terpenes are responsible for the aroma of cannabis. If you are looking for a product laying claim to the entourage effect then look no further.

Over 100 different terpenes have been identified with each strain having it’s own unique terpene profile. Distinctive flavours like berry, citrus, mint and pine are commonly detected.
The most interesting characteristic of terpenes is their ability to interact synergistically with other compounds, like CBD and CBG. This wholesome synergy, commonly known as the entourage effect, offers a very unique and therapeutic experience.

Please be aware that our Cannabis terpenes carry a genuine scent and are extremely realistic when vaped within our products.

Terpenes are not artificial flavourings and portray a representation of the named or adapted strain profile. Canavape® Complete is the UK’s best selling terpene infused liquid.